Only you know the way to my heart

You guys. Valentine’s day is quickly approaching and while many of you may think it is daft and stupid, I love it and think any day that is fun and happy is good and it’s nice to celebrate people you love. I know, I’m such a dose but whatever. I was doing some online browsing the other day and saw so many sweet things you could buy your Valentine if they’re interested in the kitchen, cooking or baking. I’m going to share the Top 5 Kitchen Valentine’s Gifts for Girls for you here today so you can get your thinking cap on – (remember though, making things is always nicer). Also, lads. When I say buy her something for the kitchen I don’t mean a steak for her to cook and you to eat. Lets focus.

1. Apron:  Okay so obviously I don’t mean any old dusty rag for them to tie round themselves, but something a little bit prettier and special. If your special Valentine is a lady, I think an apron from Anthropologie would be lovely. There are so many different kinds out there, but this store really goes all out and I think any girl – even if she hates being in the kitchen- would love feeling pretty and domesticated in one of these bad boys. I can hardly take how sweet they are. I imagine myself in one of these every time I bake, with a high, athletic pony tail with a ribbon. Some day this will be reality. I’ve given you an example below, but check out more options herehere and here.

Image taken from

2. Milk Jugs: Right, you’ve read that and are now rolling your eyes are thinking no girl wants a milk jug. Well I am rolling my eyes at you because EVERYONE will want one of these little ones. I first saw them in a Twitter photo someone had taken when in the Bell &Pot in Dublin. Immediately, I was like I have to have one and found this cute and cheaper alternative to their floral one. I think any Valentine who loves to drink tea, or even have cream in their coffee would find this a cute, unique gift. They are about £8 on Amazon at the minute but you can also find floral ones in Kilkenny stores in Ireland, see here, though they are around €17. They are equally as lovely, it just comes down to taste!

3. Printed/Stamped Spoon: To be perfectly honest, I think I would absolutely melt if someone bought me one of these. To say they make me stop is an understatement. I can’t imagine receiving a nicer gift, or something more personal than my own specially stamped spoon. have so many different ones, though there are ways of making them at home yourself (you can google tutorials). They are SO perfect and I think if your Valentine is soon to be your Mrs, then this is definitely the way to go. How nice would it be to see” Marry Me” written across one. I’m going to link ye up for this one because I am SUCH a fan. Check out some designs, herehereherehere. Also, please don’t think Valentines day is only for a boyfriend/girlfriend. You can buy anyone a Valentine gift, your mum, dad, sister or brother – whoever! These spoons could be a lovely gift for anyone in your life. And if you’re really against Valentines day, buy one for yourself and change your mind.
4. Lunch Bag: This may not seem like a typical Valentines gift but I know not everyone has a load of money to go out and spend on massive “romantic” dinners. Instead, why not treat your Valentine to a special lunch and take it to her in one of these? Honestly, if there are people in the whole wide world who don’t like these lunch bags, then I don’t want to meet them. I have a few of these and think they’re great for the environment, great for bringing into college or work and great to cheer you up at  lunch time. Some of them are insulated to keep things warm and others aren’t, so just bare that in mind when picking your design. They are the perfect size for lunch for one and are something that would definitely get use. Dotcomgifts (one of my favourite websites) makes them but Amazon sells loads of pretty ones or Stock in Dublin also sells them if you want to buy in person. Adorable. 
5. Pastry Forks: Personally, I think these are a thing people would like to have, but don’t necessarily go out and buy. I think they used to be a pretty standard wedding gift but now people just seem to give money so the majority of households probably don’t have these. Have a look at these ones on Amazon here. They are sweet and if your Valentine likes to bake, you can’t really go too far wrong, can you?
These are just some simple ideas to give you all some inspiration. At the end of the day, only you know what your Valentine will really like and what she will use. Stay tuned for my Top 5 Kitchen Valentine’s Gifts for Men as the majority of couples share the kitchen.

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