You stick to me like glue.

You guys. Now that Christmas is over, we are quickly approaching the New Year I have started thinking about resolutions and different things. I won’t lie to you, through out my holidays I have been quite the keen couch potato. I’ve baked every day and ate rubbish every day too. So, I decided that for January, some sort of cleanse might be in order. 

I don’t really want to sit around drinking juices and lemon water all day so had a bit of a think and decided that January will be a (dare I say) Gluten Free Month. (oh yes)

It will definitely be a major challenge for me. My favourite food in the whole world is toast so you can imagine my usual morning routine will really be shaken up. I’m already having a few doubts and wondering if I’ll be able to stick to it. There is so much talk about gluten free diets lately. Some people say wheat is a poison. Some people say their minds feel so much clearer when they stop eating it. And, as always, some people just give it a go to see (I belong here!). Whatever the motive, gluten is a big topic at the moment, and is something that doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

I am really interested though to see what affect this will have on me. I imagine I will be caught smelling the bread alone in the kitchen for the first week but am hoping that it’ll get easier after that? I think eating out will be the worst part of it all. Gluten seems to be in absolutely everything! I am hoping by doing this mini challenge, I’ll gain some sort of insight to how eating wheat makes my body feel and also open my mind to new baking ideas as well. I may as well call the challenge Ground Almonds Month. 

So, while I’m on this challenge, I’m going to try and share some gluten free recipes with you all. Bare with me now, I have never used gluten free flour before and don’t have much experience with gluten free treats but I’ll try my best. I’m probably going to have a feast of doughy pizza on New Years Eve and begin the challenge on Wednesday (the 1st). Someone has told me that I’ll be really cranky for the first week, sure no change there. (Once a dose, always a dose). I hope it won’t be as hard as I imagine it. The lovely people over at Delicious tell me this is completely doable. Check out their bakery for ideas and products. They’ve just launched a new bread with Brennans which is meant to be brilliant. Unlike other gluten free breads, it doesn’t need to be toasted to make it taste better. You can actually use it to make real sandwiches. This will definitely be on my shopping list come New Year. The bakery have earned a mad amount of Gold Taste Awards and have loads of different things to offer you. The coffee cake and chocolate fudge one on the website look like winners to me!

 If anyone has any tips or advice, please share 🙂

The blog will  still have recipes with gluten up until January the first though so if you’re not doing the challenge, never fear. There’ll always be something sweet you can make. 

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