All I want to do is roll over.

Christmas Eve. It’s Christmas Eve. I realise you may all not be baking tonight but wanted to share this recipe in case you are inspired over the new few days. Also, want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas (yay). Here is a recipe for a Cappuccino Swiss roll.  

Right you need:

100g sugar
4 large eggs
50g cocoa powder
2 tsp coffee essence
75g self raising flour
100g softened butter
100g icing sugar
2 tsp coffee essence.
Line up a swiss roll tray (13×9″) and preheat your oven to 200 degrees.
Swiss roll. Right, place your sugar and eggs into a bowl and beat them together with an electric mixer until it becomes light in colour, fluffy and thicker. You need to keep beating it for a good few minutes. The mixers should leave a trail behind them. Add in your coffee essence and give it another beat. 
Weigh out your flour and cocoa and sieve into the eggs. Don’t use your electric mixer anymore, grab yourself a spatula and fold in your flour. To do this, you need to move the spatula in an anti-clockwise direction from 6 o clock to 12 o clock (are you following me?). Once you get to 12 cut down again to 6 and around you go again. Do this quick enough, but gently. You don’t want to beat all the air out of it. Once the flour and cocoa have been fully mixed in, tip your mixture gently into your tin and place it in the oven.
It will only take about 10 minutes to cook. When done, it’ll spring back when pressed and be risen and coming away from the sides.
While your cake is cooking, cut out a large square of baking paper and put it on your table. Sieve icing sugar all over this. When the cake comes out of the oven, tip it out of the tin and onto your baking paper. Remove any paper sticking to the cake. Now, about 1cm or 2 away from the length of the cake I want you to make an incision along the length of the cake. Don’t cut through! You need to roll your cake now. Don’t be shy with it, like everything else, be confident and keep it tight. The cake will need to cool completely when rolled up. This makes it a lot easier to roll when you have your icing inside.
To make your icing, simply beat your sugar and icing sugar. Add your coffee essence – you can add more or less if you like. 
Once the cake is cool, unravel it and spread your buttercream all over it. You need to roll it up again now but this time without the baking paper. The icing sugar you had already put on the baking paper should keep the cake from sticking. Be quick and steady with it. Once quick roll should do it.
To serve, cut off the top and the bottom of the cake just to tidy it up a little bit more. 

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