I imagine a chocolate mountain

This is IT. I’m serious. This Chocolate Steamed Pudding recipe exceeded all of my (and my family’s) expectations. Everyone MUST go buy a pudding bowl right this second and taste the joy for yourself. I know what you’re thinking..steamed? It’s kinda like a bit ick sounding. Why can’t we just bake it and not mess about with lids and string? Trust me, you have to make this, and it’s another perfect winner for Christmas Day (seriously thinking it will be my dessert). Mine is absolutely covered in a chocolate sauce, but now is not the time to be shy. Dig into it!

As I mentioned you do need a pudding bowl for this recipe. Mine is just over a pint and this recipe fit perfectly. If yours is bigger, double up!

Right, you need:

Brown paper, tinfoil and string
50g butter
100g self-raising flour
5 tbsp milk
50g cocoa powder
50g light brown sugar
1 large egg
pinch of salt
for the syrup:
50g light brown sugar
75ml boiling water
1 tbsp golden syrup
You ready? Okay so first someone has to make a hat for the pudding bowl. You need brown paper and foil. Cut each into a square bigger than the top of your bowl. You’re  simply going to wrap this around the rim and hold it with string when we’re ready to start steaming. It’s easy to do, you just might need someone to hold the paper while you tie the string.
First step of the actual recipe is to make the syrup. Combine all ingredients in a saucepan and heat until boiling and all the sugar has been dissolved. Remember making this in this? You need to pour your syrup into your pudding bowl. Now, don’t go crazy and fill half the bowl. You kinda just want to line the bottom of it but it’ll make the pudding lovely and moist. Some recipes put more chocolate at the bottom but I think a syrup is nicer. 
The actual pudding bit is so easy,  just put the rest of the ingredients in a bowl and whizz them up! Now, tip this gently into your pudding bowl over the syrup. Your syrup might come up the sides of your pudding mixture – don’t panic. That’s fine. Also, the mixture will look too little for the bowl – it will rise so don’t over fill it. 
This is the mixture you’re looking for (see my christmas jumper? hoho)
You have to kinda tuck your pudding in now so get its hat on. Tie the brown paper around the bowl and then scrunch the tinfoil around this. Now roll out more tinfoil and fold over a few times in order to make, well like a belt. Try and make it strong. You’ll use this to lift your pudding in and out.
It kinda looks like a parcel 
Find yourself a bit saucepan (needs to be much bigger and deeper than your bowl) and place a heatproof plate at the bottom of it. Place your pudding (with the belt secured around it) in on the plate and fill the saucepan halfway up with boiling water. Bring to the boil and then let simmer with the lid on for 45 minutes.
When your timer starts shouting, take the saucepan gently off the heat, take off the lid and use the tinfoil to help you lift the bowl out. The tinfoil should be under the bowl and then wrapped almost as if it’s hugging the bowl from the bottom up – do you get me? The tinfoil under the bowl will hold while you lift. 
Gently take off your paper, don’t worry if the pudding doesn’t look perfectly smooth. This will be the bottom and it’ll all be covered in sauce anyways. Now, if you don’t think it is cooked (I’ve made more than one and sometimes they just don’t cook evenly, different levels or water or heat or something, I don’t know), you just need to make a new hat and put the pudding back in the water for another while. I know it’s a dose making hats but trust me, the pudding will be worth it in the end.
Gently loosen the pudding from around the bowl and then tip it over onto a plate. It should come out in one piece but will probably have cracks down along the sides. Again, this is actually good because when you pour your sauce over, it’ll sink on in. 
To make your chocolate sauce, simply heat some cream until just at boiling point and add broken chocolate to it, mixing until all has been melted. This will be lovely and rich. Pour it over and get ready to serve.
Now, you might think oh my god this girl actually wants me to be in a sugar chocolate coma for the whole of Christmas, but wait, I’m going to tell you to add even more onto the pudding. CUSTARD. Yes, I know you, like I did, are thinking eww what’s wrong with her, custard? But definitely do it, the thinner the better. You gonna love it. 

In lo oh oh oh oh ve.

If this isn’t your Christmas dessert, I just don’t know what to say to you. DO ITTTTT!

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