Sunday Ooze Snooze

I’m so excited to share today’s recipe with you guys. I originally saw this Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake in the Humming Bird Bakery book but have really adapted the recipe to try and make it cheaper and hopefully a tiny bit healthier. This cake is perfect for having guests over (like we had today), especially if it’s a sleepy, rainy Sunday. The recipe has a good few steps and takes a good bit of time and effort but is worth it in the end – you’ll be proud of this cake and people will think you’re amazing for making it too.

You will need:
For the cake:
75g cocoa powder
2fl oz milk
6 tablespoons water
3 large eggs
100g butter
275g caster sugar 
1 tsp baking powder
For the caramel:
200g caster sugar
2 tbsp golden syrup
2 fl oz water
4 fl oz cream (You are supposed to use double, I use single for a slightly healthier choice)
1 tsp salt
For the icing:
200g dark chocolate
4 fl oz cream (again single)
Okay, so like I said, this recipe has a few steps. But just read this recipe a couple of times first and you’ll definitely manage it. Just make sure you have lots of pots! Also, someone to wash up wouldn’t go astray either! (Mums, boyfriends, girlfriends, dads – whoever!)
Firstly, preheat your oven to 180 degrees and line two 20 cm cake tins. 
It is best to make the cake first, as it takes a good while to cool. DON’T attempt to even touch the cake when hot to ice it, it’ll all fall apart. The best thing to do is give yourself plenty of time to bake and ice. 
The cake is really simple, put your cocoa into a bowl and add 6 tablespoons of boiling water. Mix into a paste. In another bigger bowl, add every other cake ingredient and your cocoa paste. Mix until smooth and  divide into your cake tins. Even them out and make sure they’re smooth on top. These need to go into the oven for about 25 minutes. They can take 30 though so check them to see. You’ll know they’re cooked when your knife comes out clean when poked into the cake.
Once your cakes are done, tip them out onto a wire tray and remove any baking paper. Leave to cool. Don’t nibble at them.
Next, we make the caramel. If this is your first time making caramel you’ll obviously be very excited to see how it happens and how easy it is, but be careful, it is extremely HOT. Give yourself plenty of room to work and stay focused.
Weigh out your sugar, syrup and water and bring to the boil.
This takes a little while, you want to leave it for around 10 minutes. It will bubble a lot – like this:
Careful now, mix every so often and keep an eye on it. 
While your caramel mixture is bubbling away, you need to get another saucepan and warm your cream and salt. You want the cream to just reach boiling point – do not let it boil. 
This can be done in the microwave too, but watch it! You don’t want a massive cream explosion. It’s hot enough when you see any sign of a skin on top and all your salt will be dissolved. 
Be careful again here, I want you to take your caramel off the heat. Bring your cream over and pour it into your caramel. IT WILL GO CRAY CRAY. The caramel will bubble up really high, this is fine! You just need to keep stirring. I find adding the cream a little at a time helps you to control the bubbles too.
Once you’ve done this, place your caramel in the fridge to set. This is the kind of consistency you’re looking for. It might take practice. Feel more than free to make a bit extra and add some into your chocolate topping too. 
While your cakes are still cooking and your caramel is in the fridge, you need to start on your chocolate ganache for the top! This basically is warmed cream poured over broken  chocolate and mixed until your chocolate melts. Be careful warming your cream, you do NOT want to boil it. The chocolate will melt anyways, as Mary Berry says, chocolate melts in your pocket! If the cream is too hot when poured over the chocolate, it will mean your chocolate topping will lose shine. Nobody wants a matt cake. Once your chocolate has melted, place your mix in the fridge to solidify a bit more.
So, hopefully you’ve managed all of these steps. Now it’s time to build your cake. Normally, I would make this into a 4 layered cake for extra wow but today I’ve left it at 2 just so you can get used to it first. 
Take the bottom of your cake and cover it in caramel. Don’t be shy with it either. Once you’re happy, add a layer of your chocolate topping. 
Put the second layer on cake on top. Add more caramel on top and all along the sides, again this is not a light cake or a slimmers cake so go to town. 
You could leave it at that, but you’ve gone through so much trouble making your topping so cover the cake in it! Any leftovers can be served on the side, or used for ice cream!
Your cake should look lovely and gooey and messy – all part of the charm. Get your kettle on, or better yet, get out a few ice cold glasses of milk and enjoy.
I know you like it. 

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