Great British Bake Off – Final!

It’s a sad autumn evening to be sure. In less than 25 minutes, the finale of GBBO 2013 will be on BBC2 (last time ever the show will be shown on BBC2 as from 2014 on it’ll be on GBBO 14). And it’s absolutely pouring rain – again!
I’m not sure how many of you guys actually bake the recipes I share every week but surely you must all watch the show? If not, you should get on BBC player right now and catch up.

This year the Bake Off has been really professional – almost too professional I think! It really used to be recipes the average bear could try at home, now they’re baking Bear Cakes and mad things which seem almost impossible to do, or at the very least very expensive to put together. I still absolutely LOVE the Bake Off though because it’s so rare you find a show like it. It really has brought baking back. 

As you probably know from even scanning my other posts, I am a big fan of Mary Berry who is one of the judges on the show. Her recipes are clear and always work so I definitely recommend everyone to buy some of her baking books (or she is a very good cook too!). The great thing about Mary Berry, besides her chic and colourful range of blazers, is that she really understands that not everyone is an expert at baking, so her books will teach you. Baking is not something that takes hours of work, or even a lot of effort. It’s easy, fun and makes people happy.

The three finalists in the Bake Off this year are Kimberly, Frances and Ruby. While Ruby is tipped to win, I’m not quite sure she will. Have to wait and see I suppose! You all should definitely check out Frances, the visions she can create out of cake are amazing to say the least!

The main reason I’m adding this post to the blog, is that those of you new to GBBO will know to watch out for the Master Classes Mary and Paul Hollywood usually do after the final and at Christmas. After listening to them speak about how bakes should turn out, it’s really great to see them actually doing it themselves. Also, at Christmas, they usually offer wonderful ideas for Christmas dessert – last year we had a yule log!

Oh, it’s nearly time to watch it now. Best get my teapot and some brownies to keep me company while I complain about not being on the bake off for the next hour!

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