The Kitchen

I think it’s always nice to see someone’s kitchen before you start reading about what they like to cook or bake in it. This year I have moved into an apartment in Cork and while the apartment is really modern and nice, a smaller space has meant a smaller kitchen to work with. Having a smaller kitchen presents new challenges as a smaller work space makes it almost impossible to see where all you things are, including one’s teaspoon of course! The smaller space also means you have to be a little bit calmer and more organised when cooking or baking which is definitely something I need to practice. 

I also always love when people share what they have in their store cupboards and fridges, though am saddened that mine never seem as full as chefs on tv.  Here’s a quick look in mine at the moment 

Nothing too flash but as I’m still living in student land it often just consists of beans and eggs!
Still even though I am a student I still try to buy the best quality I can (always free-range eggs and meat etc). Always feel better when you can imagine the chicken having fun outside rather than trapped in a cage. 

Other little things always found in my kitchen are  a mixture of different spices and dried herbs. I know they’re extra money but definitely worth getting a few of your own favourites. And, as always the spicier the better!

 Finally, a quick look into my store cupboard so you can see just basic little things I always like to have close. Always cocoa pops for my sad days but also a variety of baking supplies, equipment and sauces.

Okay, so now you’ve seen my kitchen, I think it’ll be easier for you to imagine the making of all the recipes on this blog and you’ll be able to imagine me looking and shouting for my teaspoon too!

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  1. ashlyn foley says:

    Love this! Keep up the good work x


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