Sunday Sweets

Today’s  Sunday Sweet is tea scones. Scones are one of my absolute favourite things to eat and bake so thought it would be the perfect thing to share today.

This recipe is really straight forward and easily adapted. The following recipe can be changed to suit your own favourites  I’ve adapted the following recipe from Mary Berry’s Baking Bible (a name you will see very often on this blog)

Right, you will need :

1kg of self-raising flour
2 tsp of baking powder
75g of butter, softened
50g of caster sugar (you can add a little bit more if you like them extra sweet)
2 large eggs
About 225ml of milk ( I sometimes need more or less so judge yourself)
2tbsp dessicated coconut
sultanas or raisins

 Make sure you preheat your oven at 220 degrees and find yourself a baking tray!

Weigh out the flour and baking powder and sieve through into a bowl. Weigh your butter and add to the flour. Using your hands, begin to squeeze the butter into the flour. Be gentle with your fingers allowing the flour and butter to fall though until it begins to look something like breadcrumbs. (Note, this can also be done with an electric mixer if you really want to make it fine)
Add in your sugar, coconut and fruit and mix. Break your eggs into a jug and give a little mix, add your milk mix again until the egg has been incorporated. Add your milky, eggy mixture to your dried ingredients. Gently use your hands, or a wooden spoon to combine all of the ingredients. Try not to be too heavy handed as they say the secret to a light scone is light hands! There are a lot of stories as to what makes the perfect scone some believe the secret is to not twist the cutter when cutting the dough and others believe the secret to making a scone rise is to place it upside-down on the baking tray, you can try a few different ways yourself and see what works for you and your oven.

Move your dough to a floured work space and choose your cutter. A round one always seems to work best, as scones don’t hold heart shapes or others very well.

 Cut them into your shape and place on a lightly greased baking tin. Place them into an oven for about 10 minutes, or until golden brown and hallow at the bottom.
Take them out and leave them to cool on a wire tray. Dust with icing sugar and go get your butter and jam – yum!

The scone recipe can be adapted in loads of ways. Some people like to add chocolate pieces and orange, apple and cinnamon, raspberry and vanilla, blueberry, blackberry or they can be savory if you swap the sugar for cheese. They can be made using wholemeal flour if you wish to be a tiny bit healthier too.

I think the best way to enjoy a scone is covered in jam with a cup of tea in your favourite mug 🙂

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